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Le format carrousel Facebook vous permet d'afficher plusieurs images et/ou vidéos, titres, liens ou boutons call to action dans une seule publicité. Take for example, Everlane — as part of their launch for their latest jumpsuit, they used a carousel posts to share several photos of it being . Want to use multiple images in a single Facebook ad or post? Discover how . Go to upload Photo/Video and select Create a Photo Carousel. Here's a carousel with slides only. Note the presence of the .d-block and .img-fluid on carousel images to prevent browser default image alignment. If a picture is worth a thousand words then think of the stories you can tell with the right carousel and multi-image posts on Facebook and . Slideshow / Carousel. A slideshow is used to cycle through . <div class="slideshow-container"> <!-- Full-width images with number and caption text --> carousel-inner . The content of each slide is defined in a <div> with class .item . This can be text or images. In this post, we discuss alternatives to an image slider for your website and how to use carousels the right way, if you have no other choice.


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